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Research Waves Ltd is initiated to organize International conferences to promote discussions and the free exchange of innovative thoughts at the research frontiers in the fields of science, medical, health, clinical, engineering, and technology.

Research Waves Ltd provides a route map for valuable means of disseminating information and ideas that cannot be achieved by usual channels of communications. The Intense discussions and examination based on expert interests will be an added advantage for the scientists and helps them in learning the most advanced aspects of their field.

Common Forum

We creates a common forum for scientists, researchers, policymakers, and students to showcase and discuss new research ideas in order to stimulate mutual connection and collaboration among your industry fraternity.


We provide an opportunity to engage with an exclusive group of people. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers and with a varied group of industry leaders and academic experts with a common interest.

Knowledge Share

Our events provide its patrons the serendipity of actual learning, skill development in strategic events, networking, and start-up opportunities, as well as value for money. Investing in new skill development and learning is the finest investment one can make.


We provides forum for you to share and discuss your ideas on subjects of interest within your fraternity, laying the way for future collaborations to achieve excellence in your sector.

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Excellence is defined by one's abilities. Use this platform to keep yourself update of latest technologies and upgrades in your domain or stream



Make use of this platform to interact with an exclusive group in order to improve your intellect & this is an excellent forum for networking with your peers.


Right Investment

Investing in yourself is the finest investment you can make. Conferences provide patrons with the serendipity of genuine learning & skill development


Meet and greet

Each session will provide a chance to connect with other researchers, diverse group of industry executives, academic specialists and professionals.


Brilliant Ideas

Discover insights on current advances, new approaches & unreleased data, hear from leaders, and network with a fantastic line-up of speakers.



An international conference provides a forum for you to discuss ideas, presenting a paper about topics of interest, paving the door for future partnerships.


Members who inspires Our Scientific Committee

Dr. Oara Neumann

Research Scientist at Rice University, Texas, USA

Dr. Oara Neumann

Research Scientist at Rice University, Texas, USA

Dr. Oara Neumann

Research Scientist at Rice University, Texas, USA

Dr. Oara Neumann

Research Scientist at Rice University, Texas, USA

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