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Valuble insights for attending a Virtual Conference

Have Proper Lightning & Good Wifi Connection

To Ensure you look your best, try to prevent having light behind you, especially from a window, or directly overhead. The best setup is to have the light facing you and A good wifi connection will prevent you from falling in and out of the video conferencing platform

Avoid any typing or Texting while on a Video conference Call

Typing or texting not only creates a distracting noice but also implies that you are not fully engaged or paying attention. Even if you are typing notes, it’s still distracting, so pick up a good pen and paper and save the other attendees the annoyance.

Refrain from Chowing Down

Rule of thumb; if you wouldn’t bring that tuna sandwitch into a meeting with your boss, don’t bring it into a video call. Even though they can’t smell it, eating can be very distracting and come off as disrespectful.

Keep your Background Professional

This goes for not only noices but also visuals. A messy room, your kids or pets running around or bustling coffee shop behind you can also be distracting for participants. Now, that’s not to say you can’t have anything behind you – it can actually be great conversation piece to have a nice paintingl, colorful wall or neatly ornamented shelved with your personal touch.

A good dress to Impress

Think of a Video conference call like an Interview; You want to make a good impression. If you work in a casual office, take it as an opportunity to step up your fasion game. If you work at home, at the very least, have a professional top on.

Don't pull a Houdini Disappearing Act

It’s understandable that disruptions may occur, especially if you are working from home. The first rule of thumb is to keep these a minimum, but if you must step away , notify the group by politely excusing yourself verbally or in the video conference call.

Proactively Prevent Technical Difficulties

Make sure that you arrive a few minutes early for your video conference call, especially if it’s the first time you are using the application. You may need to Install something, update your computer or address a mic or speaker issue you want to ensure you have time to do this before the call starts. The last first impression you want to make is being late.

Keep moment to Minimum

If you tend to fidget, play with your hair or perform a repetative moment (like a lots of hand momens or tapping your pencil) try to keep it to a minumum on your call. This can be surprisingly distracting to other participants.

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